The Brandon Town Players, Inc. Is a non-profit organization committed to providing affordable entertainment for the entire family. We aim to make community theater available and meaningful to as wide a representation of our community as possible. We are Brandon area citizens who share a love for live performances. We came together to create a community theater because we believe it is a unifying, living entity that not only is beneficial for those involved but provides a social service for the entire community

What we do

We put on a variety of theatrical productions including musicals, comedies, drama, mysteries and children's theater. We offer parts and jobs for all ages and levels. We will be hosting acting workshops thoughout the year and hope to hold a summer theater camp for elementary and middle school students. The resurgence of the Brandon Town Hall and being named the resident Community Theater group will enable us to provide these events. We offer a membership to the Brandon Town Players, Inc, which will help support our mission. We also host an annual meeting for all members.

What about you?

You can be a part of the Brandon Town Players, Inc.! Discover that people from all walks of life participate, form new friendships, learn new skills, provide a social service to the community and gain self confidence through theater. Those who enjoyed theater previously in their lives can rediscover it. Newcomers can experience the magic for the very first time! While the audience only sees the cast of the play, there are actually dozens of equally important people bringing a performance to life. Consider the possible roles for you: Producer, Director, Musical Director, choreographer, Stage Manager, Scene Designer, Carpenter, Painter, Lighting Designer, Sound Operator, Costume Designer, Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired, Make-up Supervisor, Wardrobe Crew, Seamstress/Tailor, Usher, Concessions Manager, House Manager, Box Office Crew, etc. As a community theater, we depend on volunteers and members to donated their time, work and expertise to put our productions together for all to enjoy.